Free Stuff Online – Where To Find The Good Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff and most companies know this. How can a potential customer spend money on something that they might not even like, especially if the product is something unusual? Free samples are how! Being able to try something before you buy it is really what most of people want to do and that’s why there’s always those little stands at Costco or your local supermarket giving you bites of cheese, pizza rolls or whatever they happen to be promoting at the time. Sometimes it can be something very strange like a blue cheese flavored cracker that ends up being delicious.

When you’re looking for free stuff online, you need to be very observant in the sites you’re visiting for a few reasons. You can waste time filling out forms for expired offers, accidentally give your e-mail to a site with bad intentions or be lured into taking a bunch of pointless surveys.

Here’s some good rules of thumb when looking for free samples, trial offers, coupons and online discounts.

Use Common Sense

If you see a site that is offering you a free iPad, the odds of you ever getting one are zero. These sites are pure scams and will have you sign up for survey companies, magazine subscriptions and all kinds of little things that end up nailing your credit card. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. If it’s a free cookie recipe, maybe that’s alright but anything expensive, avoid that site or offer at all costs. Facebook is notorious for having these advertisements pop up now and then.

Know What You’re Looking For

It can be fun to discover new products you’ve never heard of but it’s a lot easier to find these when you narrow your free stuff search to a specific category like “baby stuff” or “snacks”. This can save time too. The internet can suck you in sometimes and you might lose more than a couple hours on free stuff sites without meaning to. If you accidentally sign up on a weird site, you’ll start getting those annoying phone calls from “Rachel at card services” and similar telemarketers. If you set out to sign up for only baby items, stick to that until your next session.

Don’t Sign Up Repeatedly

Some sites will allow you to sign up a few times if your wife or other resident at your address wants to do so but if you are just trying to get multiple free items, you could be removed and banned from that site. It’s not worth the risk because when their next promotion comes along you probably want to be a part of that.

It can be a good idea to use a membership site that rounds up free samples for you and sends them your information automatically. These are often extremely cheap and give you so much back in return it’s almost silly NOT to use them. These sites make sure you don’t waste your time with expired offers and they also guarantee you get in to samples that are only offered to the first 10000 visitors and things like this. These programs are worth looking over for sure to see if they are right for you.

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