Free Coupons by Mail: How To Get Them

People love coupons. They save you money, let you try out new products at a discount and can even be a sort of hobby to see how much you can save on your next shopping trip. As newspapers become more of a digital affair and the amount of physical mail we get becomes next to nothing, how can you get your hands on them?

You used to just simply get “current resident” coupon packs to accompany your newspaper ads and store flyers but those don’t get sent much anymore, especially for products. That old coupon pack is almost always carpet cleaning services and oil changes anymore. Here’s how to make sure you are getting a nice supply of coupons delivered to your box.

Newspaper Signups

This old method actually still works very well for local grocery stores in your area and maybe a handful of local businesses. A typical newspaper will offer you a monthly and yearly subscription and maybe two days per week you’ll get a nice batch of store ads and coupons. Wednesday used to be the “grocery store” day and Sunday was the “retail store” day but this seems to be dependent on where you live.

Large cities may have more than one newspaper but coupons and ads aren’t created equal. Select the one that has more coupons for the store you like and sign up. You can often save much more than the price of the paper every week, especially if your stores allow double or triple coupons.

Manufacturer Sites

Manufacturers of anything from cereal to shampoo to makeup offer free product samples, printable coupons and sign up areas for special offers and coupons by mail. This takes a bit of time and you have to know what you want to sign up for but these sites often have the best coupons of all. You can get great coupons, discounts and even free stuff by signing up with them.

Deal Websites

There’s a lot of websites out there that let you sign up with them and they’ll send you coupons that cover a certain product area or manufacturer type all at once. Some of these can be a great way to start getting coupons in your mailbox right away but many carry the risk of filling your inbox with tons of e-mails every day. Use your judgment when signing up for these or even better, use a special e-mail just for this.


You can find forums for people who save a couple bucks here and there with coupons and also forums for those who use coupons as a sort of sport to see how much they can save each trip. You can learn a lot here, find out where to sign up for coupons and learn tips and tricks to organize them and get the most out of every shopping excursion. Most forums don’t send you junk mail or make you pay for anything so these are a good bet. Many specialize by type of coupon like baby products, household goods and groceries.

It’s pretty easy to start getting a lot of neat coupons every few days and it can often turn into a cluttery mess somewhere in your home. Organization can go a long way so get a three ring binder, recipe organizer or baseball card holding folder to help organize things by type, expiration date or whatever method you prefer.

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